Next-generation DNA synthesis

DNA is responsible for coding the majority of information required for life on earth, and is the biomolecule at the centre of the life sciences. DNA synthesis is the process by which we construct strands of DNA de novo, which is a vital step in processes from fundamental scientific research to generating life-saving drugs. Despite the importance of DNA synthesis, the technology used today is not vastly different from that used several decades ago - a paradigm challenged by Nuclera.

Nuclera is developing a next-generation DNA synthesis platform to enable the generation of long, biologically relevant pieces of DNA. We aim to provide the life science community with rapid access to highly accurate functional DNA molecules, accelerating current research pipelines and enabling new opportunities. The ability to obtain designer DNA on demand allows us to not only understand our world better, but improve it.



Michael Chen

Founder and CTO

Michael has eight years experience in academic research, from nucleic acid chemistry to protein expression and biophysical characterization, resulting in seven published papers. Alongside a key role in technology development, he ensures Nuclera's scientific strategy serves its business strategy. Michael holds a BSc in Chemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology, and will soon complete a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

Jiahao Huang

Founder and CCO

A molecular biologist by trade, Jiahao has coordinated multi-national collaborative projects and experienced first hand the limitations of the current provision of DNA. This intimate knowledge of user requirements enable him to guide Nuclera's commercial operations towards creating the right product for the right market. Jiahao holds a BSc from the University of California, Berkley, and will soon complete a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge.

Radu Lazar

Founder and CFO

Radu's scientific background in biomedical and chemical engineering, is bolstered by significant experience in management consultancy. He directs Nuclera's financial situation, and still finds time to contribute to development of instrumentation. Radu holds an MEng from the University of Illinois and is in the final stages of his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Gordon McInroy

Founder and CSO

Originally a synthetic chemist before moving into chemical biology, Gordon has extensive experience in applying chemical methodology to solve a wide range of problems. He is passionate about developing Nuclera's next-generation synthesis platform, to enable exciting new lines of research in the life sciences. Gordon holds an MSci in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Chemistry, both from the University of Cambridge.


Advisory Board


Alan Barrel

Alan has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positions in technology based industries and has become one of Cambridge’s most articulate promoters of entrepreneurship. He was a founder shareholder in Library House Ltd, and is now Entrepreneur in Residence at the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and Visiting Professor of Enterprise at the University of Bedfordshire School of Graduate Business Studies. He is also Distinguished Guest Professor at Xiamen University, Visiting Professor at Shanghai College of Science and Technology and at the Fujian International School of Economics and Business, Fuzhou, all in China. He has taught at Tsinghua University Beijing and Minjiang University, Fuzhou City. Other appointments include Senior Enterprise Fellow, University of Essex, International Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, and International Fellow, Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

Hanadi Jabado

Hanadi is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. She has founded and built businesses in several industries, including education, online retail and property, and has used her multicultural background and experience with new technologies to cofound Ecamb, a business accelerator aiming at helping entrepreneurs to succeed globally. Hanadi has driven the creation of Accelerate Cambridge, the new accelerator at the Cambridge Judge Business School, and is currently its director.

Hanadi has been closely involved with over 100 start-ups over the globe and across industries over the last three years. Born in Lebanon and raised in France, she is fluent in English, French and Arabic and speaks another four languages. She lives in London with her four children.