Microfluidics Engineer

Location: Cambridge UK
Job type: full-time
Closing date: 25th September 2020

We are looking for a Microfluidics Engineer to join the engineering department at Nuclera. You will be interfacing with experts in chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering to develop our new benchtop device to accelerate gene and protein synthesis. The engineer will develop microfluidic devices, consumable cartridges, and reagent cartridges that will serve as the automation platform for Nuclera’s proprietary biopolymer synthesis processes. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing R&D team and to gain experience developing life science instrumentation.


  • Design, build and run tests on the cartridges according to technical requirements
  • Design and assemble microfluidic subunits for testing of complex systems
  • Source components and build prototypes quickly
  • Interface with different engineers as well as biochemists and application scientists
  • Interface with external vendors for the selection of components or procurement of custom parts
  • Identify, procure, or develop test equipment, instrumentation, or facilities for characterisation of microfluidic applications

Required qualifications and skills:

  • Demonstrate a strong technical understanding of microfluidic systems with at least four years’ experience (PhD or equivalent experience in a relevant field)
  • Experience in building microfluidics-based prototypes
  • Be able to communicate results effectively both verbally and in written form
  • Work closely with a multidisciplinary scientific team
  • Ability to design and execute an experiment with minimal guidance
  • Maintain accurate experimental records and perform data analysis on results
  • Strong attention to detail and respect for quality assurance

Desirable qualifications and skills:

  • Microfluidic packaging and integration solutions for fluidic interfaces; reagent storage and dispensing; biocompatibility; and thermal management
  • Microfluidics manufacturing technologies
  • Optical analysis of microfluidic systems
  • 3D printing and experience with SolidWorks or other equivalent CAD packages
  • Experience in Comsol or other equivalent package for simulations

About Nuclera

Nuclera is a 25-person strong, fast-growing biotech company based on the Cambridge Science Park. Our mission is to provide life science researchers intuitive, powerful, and time-saving tools to engineer biology. Our first product will be a benchtop instrument capable of cartridge-based next-day gene and protein synthesis. Using our instrument, scientists in the synthetic biology and therapeutic market sectors can rely on a standardised, next-day supply of genes and proteins that integrates with their engineering biology workflows. Our instrument will allow R&D-intensive businesses to streamline their biodiscovery processes, resulting in better resource allocation and accelerated return on investment.

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Our mission is simple: provide high-quality genes and proteins at your benchtop.

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