Michael Chen

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Michael Chen

CEO and Co-Founder

Michael Chen is the Chief Executive Officer of Nuclera. In 2013, while working on his PhD Michael and his co-founders became frustrated by the inaccessibility of proteins to support everything from basic research to drug discovery. This prompted a mission, to make proteins more accessible to everyone. Over the past 10 years, Michael has led the company in raising multiple funding rounds totaling $83M, building a team of 100+ strong over 2 continents and driving the business and commercial strategy behind bringing our pioneer rapid protein prototyping technology to market.

In his spare time Michael likes to explore different cultures, be that traveling, visiting museums, or attending art exhibits. One of his favorite exhibitions is in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science whose exhibits chart the progress of scientific tools and instruments over the last century.

Michael holds a BSc in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Chemistry from the National Institutes of Health and University of Cambridge, where he met his co-founders Gordon McInroy and Jiahao Huang.

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