Accelerating the journey to your protein with eProtein DiscoveryTM

Are you aiming to get active proteins? Would a rapid protein prototyping system help you?

Identifying and obtaining winning proteins is a challenge in the drug discovery workflow. eProtein DiscoveryTM empowers scientists to advance protein projects with confidence.

It puts the latest technology on your bench to automate and optimize construct design, soluble expression and purification, providing you with protein to test in your applications.

Step 1: Design & Prep

Design, order and prepare DNA expression constructs

Step 2: Load & Screen

Automated screens to determine your path to soluble purifiable proteins

Step 3: Scale up and Go!

Scale up proteins at µg -and mg- scale


Four components.

One complete protein solution.



The instrument orchestrates the rapid protein prototyping workflow enabling you to Pipette and ForgetTM



User-friendly software allows you to design your DNA constructs, customize your experimental conditions and perform data analysis.



The smart cartridge automates multiplex screening of constructs and expression conditions.



An optimized suite of reagents for DNA preparation, protein expression screening, purifiability assessment and then off- cartridge scale up.

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How does eProtein DiscoveryTM work?

24 constructs x 8 cell free expression systems = 192 unique expression conditions

In 48 hours, determine the winning expression conditions from solubility, purifiablility and purified yield data to then scale up and get protein in hand to test in your downstream applications.

Thought-to-protein workflow. Intuitive software. Robust data. The protein you need to move forward.


Confidently advance with soluble, active, purifiable proteins


Express a wide range of proteins

eProtein DiscoveryTM can produce a variety of different proteins as small as 18kDa up to 300kDa: cytokines, growth factors and kinases to name a few.


Data-driven journey to your protein

Automated reports identify the best construct and expression conditions for scale up: solubility, purifiablility and purified yield.


Screening results of VEGF

As the key mediator of angiogenesis, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), is an appealing target for anticancer therapeutics. However, identifying and producing soluble, purifiable VEGF with the functionality required for specific downstream applications is challenging.

This shows actual fluorescence results on the smart cartridge which give an indication of soluble protein expression. The variation in fluorescence intensity relates to the level of soluble protein expression.


Demonstration of soluble purified VEGF protein

VEGF expressed using conventional CFPS in tubes (lane 8) was compared against VEGF expression using the eProtein Discovery™ (lane 9), an average purity of 100% was obtained.

Reagent only (lanes 1 and 7), together with green fluorescent protein (GFP) expressed using eProtein Discovery™ were employed as negative controls to verify the expression of VEGF.

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"Nuclera's technology represents fresh approaches, which will improve cost and quality significantly."


Prof. George Church

Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Group 265-mobile

A protein system like no other

Combining unique cell free expression systems, novel digital microfluidics, and robust screening data, eProtein DiscoveryTM empowers scientists to perform their own protein screening, characterization, and small-scale expression in-house within days.

With eProtein DiscoveryTM, time is on your side.

Test hypotheses efficiently, get answers quickly, and take protein projects forward with confidence.

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