In order to capitalize on the scientific and commercial potential of obtaining desired proteins, Nuclera has developed a unique platform, the eProtein DiscoveryTM, to change the course of biology, making proteins accessible.


Our vision of making proteins accessible is coming to life with further investor and partner confidence! Scientists can now obtain proteins right at their benchtop with Nuclera's eProtein DiscoveryTM rapid protein prototyping system.

Drug discovery starts with protein. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies each spend millions accessing novel proteins every year giving a total addressable market of $13B. The market is growing at an annual rate of 10% thanks to increasing innovation and a constantly improving understanding of the proteome’s complexity. However, this growth is currently held back due to capacity constraints and outdated technology. eProtein DiscoveryTM offers the ideal solution to tap into this opportunity and unlock future growth.

Nuclera is the world leader in protein digital microfluidics, and our platform gives us unprecedented flexibility to develop automated workflows. We are always on the lookout for partners to develop new and innovative applications.