Imagine the ability to print genes and proteins overnight, at the desktop

We are changing the world of gene and protein synthesis

  • Fast

    Our biologically-inspired platform can build your favorite gene in a day

  • Flexible

    Plug-n-play add-on sequences including N- and C- terminal tags give you a full range of customization

  • High accuracy

    We have optimised our process so you can write any sequence you want

  • Accessible

    Made by scientists, for scientists. It's your own biological PC on your benchtop

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Writing genes and proteins in days

We are developing a benchtop gene and protein writing instrument that has the ability provide you gene-length products in a day, all in a highly customisable way. This means you can accelerate your gene to protein production workflow, all in your own laboratory.

Enzyme-mediated DNA synthesis

Our core technology is based on engineered terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferases (TdT) to enable the production of gene and genome libraries. Our TdT enzymes are proven to quantitatively incorporate a wide variety of reversibly terminating nucleotide triphosphates of all four nucleobases. 

Powerful Digital Microfluidics Technology

Unlike conventional microfluidics with physical channels that guide fluid and droplets, digital microfluidics (DMF) allows for the programmable and flexible movement of fluid and droplets across a large 2D surface area.

The DMF technology used by Nuclera is particularly special because it uses the same technology that is present in smartphones and eReaders (i.e., thin-film transistors). This flavour of DMF technology is called active-matrix electrowetting on dielectric (AM-EWOD).  Nuclera is the owner of the most advanced lab-on-a-chip technology in the world.

Optimise your Protein Expression

Nuclera combines our high-definition DMF technology with state-of-the-art in-vitro transcription and translation (IVTT) processes to enable you to rapidly determine the optimal expression conditions for your genes of interest.

The use of DMF allows flexible and scalable operations that other platforms cannot match. In addition, a combination of DMF and IVTT means users can save 10x the time compared to using conventional, in-vivo expression systems.

You can simply input their genes of interest and the system will automatically run through a process that screen through parameters that allows the ultimate selection of the expression conditions that priority expressibility and solubility.

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