We make proteins accessible to everyone through desktop bioprinting

Combining our eProtein™ synthesis and eDrop™ digital microfluidics, our groundbreaking platform enables protein printing within 24 hours.

  • 24-hour protein turnaround

    Turn DNA into purified protein in a single day rather than weeks or months ever again!

  • Streamline and standardise

    Take the labour out of protein expression. Just add DNA, and our bioprinter does the rest!

  • 100-fold cost reduction

    Nanolitre automation and cell-free protein synthesis enable massive savings on cost!

  • Accelerate drug discovery

    Discover the best target proteins by screening multiple hosts and sequence constructs!


Same day screening. Next day printing. We enable rapid protein discovery so that proteins are accessible whatever the application.

  • Access protein targets for drug discovery and structural biology. 
  • Validate cell and molecular biology NGS experiments. 
  • Engineer proteins for better expression yield and solubility. 

Want to get access to the eProtein desktop bioprinter?

Our mission is simple: provide high-quality, soluble and active proteins at your benchtop.

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