We empower you to create, build, and engineer biology

Combining biology and technology, we make DNA writing accessible at your benchtop.

  • Fast

    Our biologically-inspired platform can build your DNA in a day

  • Flexible

    From oligo pools to ultra-long genes - It's your choice

  • High accuracy

    We have optimised our process so you can write any sequence you want

  • Accessible

    It's a DNA printer on your benchtop

Learn more about our technology that will change synthetic DNA forever

We break away from 40-year-old organic chemistry methods and use biologically inspired biochemistry to write DNA.

Learn more about our mission to revolutionise synthetic biology

Nuclera is founded and run by passionate scientists who want to provide the best tools to engineer biology.

Want to know more about our mission to change synthetic biology?

Our mission is simple: provide high-quality DNA at your benchtop.

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