Software to guide you

The streamlined software allows you to easily design your DNA constructs, customize your experimental plans, carry out complex data analysis and generate clear reports.

Navigating you effortlessly through your workflow.


Features and Benefits

eProtein DiscoveryTM software simplifies a complex multivariate experimental design. The software sets up and simultaneously tracks 192 different combinations of DNA sequences, flank pairs and expression reagent reactions performed on eProtein DiscoveryTM platform.

AI performs highly rigorous QA checks during an experiment run to ensure data quality and consistency. Informative reports are then generated and exported that you can share with your team and beyond.


Intuitive interface, remote access

Easy-to-use interface allows quick construct design - log in to view an experiment from anywhere


QA checks powered by AI

Automated real-time QA giving you data you can trust


Optimized DNA construct and reagent selection

Rich data from a screen informs optimal protein scale-up conditions

Technical Specifications

Advanced analysis Easy to interpret reports. Raw data can be exported to perform analysis with your own data analysis tools.
Remote experiment design Have the convenience to design experiments from your desk and sync with the instrument in the lab.
Experiment Progress/Email Notifications Follow your experiment from end to end and get alerted if action is required, without being present in the lab.
Uniprot integration Conveniently import proteins of interest and relevant metadata from the Uniprot database.
Advanced data control and protection Manage permissions and data visibility within software. Keep your data and projects private or choose to share. Strong AES-256 encryption on the cloud. Regular backups so nothing is lost.

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Other Components



eProtein Discovery™ instrument orchestrates the rapid protein prototyping workflow.



Microfluidics-based smart cartridge automates multiplex screening of constructs and conditions.



Ready-to-use eProtein DiscoveryM reagents for screening and cell-free protein synthesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our web application runs on a secure cloud and communicates with the eProtein Discovery instrument.

Yes. The user can prepare a configuration file and upload it to the instrument. Experiment results can then be transferred from the Instrument to a local drive over LAN.

The instrument can connect to the eProtein DiscoveryTM web application using a conventional cable internet connection, wifi network or mobile network.

As part of onboarding Nuclera will create an Admin user that can create a number of users on the platform, up to the number mentioned in the Sale Agreement.

You have complete access to all the experimental data generated on our instrument. Scientific data will be stored on the web platform. The data can be downloaded and shared in several ways. Customers can also access and share other usage information with our customer support to quickly resolve any issues.

Our technical support engineers can provide detailed security standards that our platform is compliant with.

Our servers are located currently in the EU or UK.

Yes, your company’s web platform is accessible across the world. You can monitor the instrument, view data and plan an experiment anytime from anywhere.

Nuclera will provide training, online manuals & videos, and access to support scientists, to ensure users achieve the competence required to use the software and complete an experiment. Don’t worry though - we have a technical support team on hand for any issues that might arise.

PDF or CSV files containing all data points. MP4 videos and cartridge image shots are also part of the experiment data pack.

The instrument software uses images to monitor the progress of the experiment and calculate several different parameters describing the quality of the expressed protein. The software uses proprietary algorithms to inform the scientist on yield, purity, solubility and purification potential of specific constructs. A number of graphs are automatically generated.

Our web and instrument applications will be automatically updated. Customers will get alerts of future updates so the process can take place without interrupting important work.

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