Accelerate your way to engineer biology

Combining biology and technology, we make DNA writing accessible at your benchtop.

A solid foundation

Nuclera is founded by scientists who know first hand how powerful DNA can be as engineering tools, but also how inaccessible DNA can be as a product. Inspired by biology, we use enzymes to make DNA de novo. Combining this with a highly flexible automation system, we are creating a DNA printer for the synthetic biology industry. 

A team of experts

Our team of biologists, chemists, biochemists, engineers, molecular biologists, and futurists are ready to take on the challenge to change how scientists gain access to DNA. 

A goal to change synthetic biology forever

No more ordering DNA online. No more waiting for uncertainty. No more sequence verification. No more outsourcing. Our goal is to enable scientists to gain rapid access to high-quality DNA products, all at the benchtop.

Why engineer biology?

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Our mission is simple: provide high-quality DNA at your benchtop.

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