About Us

Nuclera is the pioneer in bringing rapid protein prototyping to the benchtop. We make proteins accessible through eProtein DiscoveryTM.

Through our technology, we accelerate breakthrough improvements in human health and empower life science researchers with easy access to target proteins.


Our Story

Nuclera was founded in 2013 by PhD students at the University of Cambridge. When working on their dissertations, they identified protein inaccessibility as the number one obstacle and a key bottleneck in biology.

They set out to solve protein inaccessibility in an effort to better human health. This drive feeds into the company's vision to deliver the first thought-to-protein prototyping system that reduces the timelines and hurdles to acquire target proteins in drug discovery programs.

Nuclera milestones

Our Team

Nuclera has grown to 100+ employees across two continents. Our internationally diverse team includes scientists driving our applications workflows, engineers refining our digital microfluidics smart cartridge, and software developers creating analytical algorithms and frictionless interfaces.

Our locations

Nuclera UK (HQ)


Nuclera UK

One Vision Park, Station Road, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9NP

Nuclera US

Nuclera’s US facility, renovated in 2021, focuses on R&D innovation that secures our position as a technological innovator in the protein prototyping space.

It includes over 1k sqft in cartridge manufacturing facilities to support our growth.


Nuclera US

1000 Technology Park Drive Suite B
Billerica, MA 01821

Who are our customers?

The protein scientists spearheading the next generation of breakthroughs

Scientists in drug discovery laboratories—particularly those exploring druggable protein targets—use our pioneering technologies to rapidly advance their protein projects. Why? eProtein DiscoveryTM represents a fresh approach that can significantly improve quality and productivity.

Our mission is simple: provide high-quality, soluble and active proteins at your benchtop.

Join our Team

Join us on our mission to improve human health by making proteins accessible and empowering life science breakthroughs that create a healthier world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As individuals, as a company, we care. We are committed to social accountability to the company, its stakeholders, and the public.