Reagents to power eProtein DiscoveryTM

Specially formulated reagents power your workflow from DNA preparation to protein expression screening, purifiability assessment and then off cartridge scale up.


Features and Benefits

The reagents within the eProtein DiscoveryTM system allow you to optimize protein obtainability by characterizing and purifying different combinations of DNA constructs and expression conditions. Our system will screen 192 different combinations in 24 hours for you to select the optimal conditions to scale up and get protein.

Our eProtein DiscoveryTM software will guide you in creating the panel of DNA constructs and reagents to power your experiment. Our complete reagent package includes design and ordering of DNA, simplifying your workflow.


eGene™ Prep Kits

Customize DNA constructs (eGene) design with pre-set fusion tags to optimize expression.


Cell-free Core Reagents & Additives

Optimize expression with different reagent formulations based on your protein needs.


Scale Up Kits

Scale up expression and purification of your proteins of choice to use in downstream applications.

Examples of proteins synthesized with eProtein Discovery™


Protein Class

Cytokines/Growth Factors
Protein Name
  • Interferon gamma (IFN-γ)
  • Programmed cell death protein 1 (PD1)
  • Erythropoietin
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
  • Interleukin-2 (IL-2)
Transcription Factors
Other Enzymes

Technical Specifications

eGene™ Prep Kit: Solubility tags Multiple solubility tag options added to N-terminus
eGene™ Prep Kit: Purification tag Strep added to C- terminus
eGene™ Prep kit: Protease cleavage sites TEV and 3C protease sites added. Option for solubility screening after tag removal
Cell-free Core Reagents E. coli derived Cell Free Protein Synthesis (CFPS) reagents
Additives: Redox regulators Promote disulfide bond formation in your proteins
Additives: Chaperones Aid in protein folding and stability
Additives: Metal ions Promotes correct folding of metalloproteins
Additives: Co-factors Stabilizes proteins
Purification reagents Strep purification beads and purification reagents included
Scale Up Kits Prototype-scale kits provided for scale up expression in tubes. Additional scale up material available to purchase

Featured Resource

Other Components



eProtein Discovery™ instrument orchestrates the rapid protein prototyping workflow.


Smart Cartridge

Microfluidics-based smart cartridge automates multiplex screening of constructs and conditions.



Cloud-based, user-friendly software facilitates the experimental design, screening, and analysis of results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yield is protein dependent and can range from micrograms to low milligrams.

Tube scale protein expression takes a day, similar to the time it takes to screen proteins on the cartridge.

Cell free protein expression or Cell Free Protein Synthesis (CFPS) is a technique which enables protein expression in vitro, without the need for living cells. By combining the DNA construct corresponding to your protein of interest, cofactors, substrates and energy systems, functional target proteins can be generated in a matter of hours.

Generating linear expression DNA constructs involves PCR, PCR cleanup and diluting DNA to the required concentration.

Yes, other solubility tags sequences can be added to the Gene of Interest, with appropriate linker in place.

Yes, you can add tags in the Gene of Interest sequence however, you cannot test purifiability with the optional tags on the cartridge.

Yes, additional tag sequences can be added, with the appropriate linkers in place.

Yes, instrument training is provided upon installation. We have a dedicated technical support team that is available to answer your questions and help troubleshoot.

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