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Nuclera joins the Stevenage BioScience Catalyst

Nuclera have become virtual tenants at the Stevenage BioScience Catalyst and will take up physical tenancy in January 2016. This move will place us at the centre of a world-leading life sciences cluster, acclerating our R&D through access to a wide-range of excellent facilities. Furthermore, the campus is an entrepreneurial hub for life sciences in the UK, so provides the ideal environment for Nuclera to grow and forge partnerships, both scientific and commercial, with other parties on the site.

Stevenage BioScience Catalyst is a joint venture between the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, GlaxoSmithKline, the Wellcome Trust and Innovate UK. They aim to give the next generation of pharma and biotech companies access to a spectrum of translation research and development activities and opportunities. This culture of open innovation will accelerate the discovery of cutting-edge healthcare solutions and place the UK bioscience sector at the forefront of worldwide biomedical innovation.

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