Nuclera Announces Appointment of Two New VPs, Charu Maini and Eugene Bragin

May 5, 2022

Eugene Bragin (left) and Charu Maini (right)

CAMBRIDGE, UK (May, 2022) – Nuclera, pioneers of benchtop protein printing technologies, this week announced the appointment of two new members of the Nuclera team: Charu Maini, as VP of People, and Eugene Bragin, as VP of Software.

“We are excited to welcome Charu and Eugene to the expanding Nuclera team as part of our ongoing strategic effort to make biology accessible,” said Dr Michael Chen, CEO and cofounder of Nuclera. “In addition to their extensive expertise, diverse employment backgrounds and leadership experience, they bring fresh perspective which will help drive the growth of the company.”

Charu Maini, VP of People

Charu is a highly regarded, commercially-focused Human Resources (HR) executive with a wealth of international experience in HR strategy, culture change, leadership development, talent acquisition, and compensation and benefits. The majority of Charu’s career involved working for top-tier international organisations including Flutter, Finastra (Fintech), Pearson, Microsoft, American Express and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she has been responsible for scaling teams and the development of people programs during times of hyper-growth.

Charu currently serves as a Council Member of Audit, Risk & Assurance Committee of Aberystwyth University and has previously served as a Director on the Board of Pearson, India.

“I am deeply committed to the cause of talent development as I believe great talent is the key to building successful and sustainable organisations. As an emerging biotech company Nuclera has profound growth possibilities. It’s perfect timing for me to join and leverage my experience to build the company for success.”

Eugene Bragin, VP of Software

As a senior technical manager, Eugene brings two decades of experience in leading the development of software-based products and services across many different industries, including sequence-based diagnostics, SaaS products, clinical decision support tools, high-throughput cloud-based bioinformatics and machine learning pipelines.

Prior to his appointment at Nuclera, Eugene helped found two life science start-ups in Cambridge, UK, where he oversaw the development and launch of software-based services. His most recent company, Next-Gen Diagnostics, developed sequence-based resistance/susceptibility diagnostic tests, helping hospitals rapidly identify and fight infection outbreaks by sequencing, bioinformatics and clinical grade software. Eugene also helped found Congenica, a rare genetic disease diagnostics company, serving as head of product development. During that time he helped translate the pioneering research of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute into a commercial software service now used by clinical geneticists around the globe.

“I’m thrilled to join Nuclera’s team and to be part of a pioneering company that helps make biology accessible. Nuclera is a rare example of a company with genuine technological advance. Its products will revolutionize the pharmaceutical R&D cycle and I can’t think of better use of my experience and passion for life sciences than to help develop and bring these products to market.”

About Nuclera

Nuclera is the leading pioneer in making biology accessible through its eProtein™ desktop bioprinting technology. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Nuclera was founded in 2013 by four PhD students at the University of Cambridge who were frustrated by the inaccessibility of biology. Nuclera has since grown to 90 employees across two continents as the Company delivers on its founders’ vision to make biology accessible to everyone through desktop bioprinting. With desktop bioprinting, researchers and scientists will be empowered to take control of biology through streamlined access to a next-day supply of proteins. Three exciting Nuclera technologies protected by 45+ patents enable Nuclera’s desktop bioprinter: eProtein™ synthesis, eDNA™ synthesis, and eDrop™ digital microfluidics. The combination of these technologies in a deployable desktop bioprinting platform creates an unprecedented one-stop shop ecosystem that enables Nuclera to provide consistent biological workflows, products, and information to its customers.

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