A rapid protein prototyping platform combining cell-free protein expression with digital microfluidics

Nuclera's eProtein Discovery™ places rapid protein prototyping technology at your fingertips so you can make progress on your protein projects.

Time and resources are on your side

There is an urgent, ever-expanding need for generating soluble and active proteins to be used for downstream high throughput screening in drug discovery. Obtaining soluble protein constructs using cell based approaches can be time-consuming, costly, and requires tremendous resources. We make this easy by combining unique cell-free technologies and novel digital microfluidics, turning protein access into a Pipette and ForgetTM workflow that transforms weeks into days.


Speed up target identification

Simultaneously analyze 192 construct & expression conditions to find the winners for scale up.


Produce proteins on your terms

Purify 20-500 μg of your functional, fit-for-purpose protein yourself, today!


Explore multiple protein variations

Screen protein isoforms, mutations, and more for simplified target identification.


Step forward with confidence

Assess the feasibility of your project by quickly testing candidate proteins.

eProtein Discovery™: How the protein prototyping platform works

Cell-free Protein Synthesis

Cell-free Protein Synthesis

Speed-up target discovery with eProtein DiscoveryTM ! Our technology benefits from the advantages of complex cellular systems while bypassing lengthy, resource-consuming steps.

By utilizing cell extract derived reagents, proteins get synthesized in a droplet on our smart cartridge or in a tube. Screen 8 distinct expression conditions all at once. Each reaction includes purified cellular machinery, your carefully designed DNA construct, and the cofactors, substrates, and energy systems needed to screen for optimal expressing conditions.

Take high throughput bioreactors, liquid handlers and purification columns out of the equation. Optimal expression conditions identified in a day with our cell free protein synthesis solution!

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Protein Detection

Protein Detection

When you convert the cDNA for your protein of interest into an eProtein Discovery™ ready construct with our eGene™ Prep Kit, a sequence coding for a small peptide detection tag is installed.

After expression of the eGene™ on the instrument, a detector protein is added that binds to the detection tag and becomes fluorescent. The optical system within the instrument measures fluorescence intensity and converts the reading into what matters to you - protein concentration.


Microfluidics-based Smart Cartridges

Microfluidics-based Smart Cartridges


Software and eProteinTM Report

Software and eProtein Discovery™ Report

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Our system, your own terms

The eProtein DiscoveryTM solution, including integrated software, gets protein in your hand quicker than ever before. With our cell-free protein synthesis reagents and microfluidics-based smart cartridges, it all happens on your own benchtop, in your way.

Are you curious how protein prototyping can level-up your protein projects?

Our team is ready to answer your questions, get your lab set up, and help you reap the benefits of protein prototyping today.

Explore the System


The instrument orchestrates the rapid protein prototyping workflow

Smart Cartridge

The smart cartridge automates multiplex screening of constructs and conditions.


Ready-to-use reagents for protein screening and cell-free protein synthesis.


User-friendly software facilitates the experimental design, screening, and analysis of results.