Automated Protein Expression

Pt.1 Intro to Rapid Protein Expression Automation with eProtein Discovery


The eProtein Discovery™ System can screen multiple protein expression and purification profiles and deliver reliable proteins in hand in less than 48 hours. Revolutionizing laboratory workflows and making a demonstrable impact in terms of time to publish in academia and drug discovery timelines.

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About eProtein Discovery

Nuclera's eProtein Discovery platform combines digital microfluidic droplet automation with cell-free protein synthesis technologies, it empowers protein scientists to identify the best conditions for expressing and purifying proteins of interest within 24 hours, all on a single consumable cartridge.

The system offers a significant advantage over traditional protein expression methods, allowing researchers to save time and resources by simplifying and automating the process. Its ability to handle multiple genes and customizable cell-free blends makes it a valuable tool for protein scientists in academia and the biopharma industry.