What can cell-free protein synthesis do for you?

25 October, 2023 | 08:00 AM PDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 16:00 PM BST

Discover the frontiers of synthetic biology and cell-free protein synthesis in a ground-breaking webinar led by Professor Michael Jewett. Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Cell-free Protein Synthesis (CFPS) and its incredible potential to reshape medicine. 

In this exclusive event, Professor Jewett, an internationally recognized authority in the field, will unravel the mysteries behind cell-free protein synthesis and explore its transformative advantages. This is your chance to explore the evolution of bioproduction and catch a glimpse of the advances in the field; with a special focus on the need for protein accessibility.

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About Professor Michael Jewett:

With a passion for reimagining the way we engineer biological systems, Professor Michael C. Jewett has become a pioneering figure in the realm of synthetic biology. 
Throughout his career, Professor Jewett's remarkable achievements have garnered recognition from prestigious institutions. His research journey has taken him from Harvard Medical School, ETH Zürich, Northwestern and now Stanford Bioengineering  where he is excited by the opportunity to shape a new holistic vision of synthetic biology, unlocking biology as a general-purpose technology.

Mike Jewett Head shot

Webinar Topics:


Cell-Free protein synthesis unveiled: Gain a comprehensive understanding of cell-free protein synthesis, its historical context, and the unmatched advantages it offers. Professor Jewett will shed light on the power of this innovative approach in engineering complex biological systems.


Revolutionizing bioproduction: Explore the significance of expressing mammalian proteins in bacterial expression systems and the revolutionary implications it holds for bioproduction. Discover how synthetic biology is reshaping the landscape of protein synthesis.


A glimpse into the future: Uncover the future of protein synthesis and peer into the horizon of possibilities. Nuclera's role in shaping this future will be highlighted by Nuclera’s CEO Michael Chen PhD providing insights into the integration of cutting-edge biological, mechanical and software technology.


Professor Jewett's exceptional expertise, paired with his commitment to shaping the next generation of synthetic biologists, guarantees an enlightening and inspiring webinar experience. 

Join us for an event that promises to expand your horizons, fuel your curiosity, and illuminate the vast potential of synthetic biology.