Automated Protein Expression

Predictions to Proteins In-Hand in just 48hrs - Rapidly Express AlphaFold Predictions

18th June 2024 | 08:00 AM PDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 16:00 PM BST

The integration of AlphaFold AI within the eProtein Discovery framework brings forth a multitude of advantages, facilitating structure guided protein construct design with unprecedented precision.

How AlphaFold2 fits within Nuclera - cultivated protein design

As proteins make up 95% of drug targets, the need to acquire functional proteins to support drug discovery pipeline is crucial. Many of the easy targets have been worked on and protein scientists are often challenged with expressing difficult targets. Having access to accurate prediction of protein structure can aid in rational construct design to accelerate production of soluble, active proteins.

Nuclera is collaborating with Google Cloud, merging eProtein Discovery with Google DeepMind’s pioneering protein structure prediction tool, AlphaFold2 served on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI machine learning platform. The 3D structural insights provided by AlphaFold2 will enable Nuclera and its customers to optimize their protein variation synthesis process and gain deeper insights into the interactions between residues and the 3D folding protein structure.

Learn about how:
  • AlphaFold2 and Nuclera is creating a scalable Application Programming Interface (API) service that accesses an execution of AlphaFold2 in Google Cloud
  • An analytics dashboard which allows users to visually and quantitatively compare predicted 3D structures for protein variants
  • The protein of interest (POI) recommendation feature of AlphaFold2 proposes possible synthetic protein variants (isoforms, truncations, mutations, orthologs or fusions) using intelligent selection algorithms, taking into account various constraints such as computationally generated scores or conserved domains

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Pt.1 Intro to Rapid Protein Expression Automation with eProtein Discovery

About eProtein Discovery

Nuclera's eProtein Discovery platform combines digital microfluidic droplet automation with cell-free protein synthesis technologies, it empowers protein scientists to identify the best conditions for expressing and purifying proteins of interest within 24 hours, all on a single consumable cartridge.

The system offers a significant advantage over traditional protein expression methods, allowing researchers to save time and resources by simplifying and automating the process. Its ability to handle multiple genes and customizable cell-free blends makes it a valuable tool for protein scientists in academia and the biopharma industry.